Adventure Time!

by Frederickon 11/30/2014
Big Sur, California, first outing with the new adventure vehicle. Unnecessarily large, neutral emissions, four wheel drive, ample sleeping space, ample cabin space, too small fuel tank, and lots of power. The downside is the rust from the one east coast winter the truck saw, while not pervasive it is there. I hope that a […]

Big Dreams

by Frederickon 11/22/2014
I started this website hoping to document all of my projects and endeavors, but life has gotten in the way. The last year has been incredibly challenging in a personal manner. Last April my grandmother passed away, in November my aunt, and then this past October, my father. It has brought me to face so […]


Escape from San Francisco!

by Frederickon 04/18/2014
Well I finally did it! I escaped from San Francisco! I now have a summer, less traffic, much less commute to work (4 hours a day less), and far fewer angry hipsters! My girlfriend and I have spent the previous month relocating to a San Jose suburb. And while those who are really into the […]