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Back to it!

by on 01/02/2014

It’s been 7 months since my last race, 6/16/13. Also 7 months since my first marathon. I was happy to finish in 4:07:02, especially on San Francisco’s hilly course. My training did not go as well as I would have hoped. When I got into the 18-20 mile range I started having problems with my right hamstring, I had been hoping for a repeat of my times in the Santa Rosa Half Marathon maintaining a 7:14 pace, but in the end I think I only over trained, and injured myself. During the race the issue with my right hamstring became an issue for both hamstrings… So I took time off. Here I am 7 months later, and I’m ready to get back n the bike, and back hitting the pavement. Two things I’ve learned in this time:

  1. I know nothing about training!
  2. I know nothing about training!!!

This journey has to start with getting educated, and starting from the beginning with my training. Here we go! WWWHHHEEEeeeeeee!

The first thing I’m going to do is get some base mileage down for running and cycling, being winter the days are short and it’s harder and harder to ride after work so my girlfriend and I invested in a trainer. The inquisitive software engineer in me opted for the wahoo kickr trainer (here is a great write up about it). It’s my first trainer and so far I’m really excited about it! I’ve got 3 hours logged on it so far and it seems like a great way to put miles in, but always lurking in the back ground is my propensity to overdo it.

My previous training method was only to use heart rate zone training. This was great when I was using a suunto watch which would track what I had done, and let me know what I needed to do, but I’ve since upgraded to a gps garmin device setup (bike and run), and I need to load the thinking from the watch onto me. I’ve got some books in my queue, time to do some reading.


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