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Escape from San Francisco!

by on 04/18/2014

Well I finally did it! I escaped from San Francisco! I now have a summer, less traffic, much less commute to work (4 hours a day less), and far fewer angry hipsters! My girlfriend and I have spent the previous month relocating to a San Jose suburb. And while those who are really into the night life (what little SF has), won’t understand this change well then maybe you saw the picture of my new back yard, and this is only a little more than what I was paying in San Francisco for a one bedroom shitty apartment. How shitty you ask?

  • Hot water took 5 minutes to get hot (literally 5 minutes
  • Hot water only lasted 5-6 minutes during a shower, and it gradually got colder before going full polar
  • A waxing salon run by a very aggressive large woman by the name of Chesty Gillespie moved in downstairs and would do construction 7 days a week at all hours!
  • When the busses would start running at 5 am the building would shake when they drove by (the building shook at all hours, but it was most noticeable when everything was quiet)
  • The next-door bar hosted nightly live bands (that’s nightly as in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…) who would play their music loud enough to be heard for 4 blocks, I was across the street
  • The garage was filled with asbestos which would flake off every time the doors were opened
  • There was a gigantic gap under the front door leading to the not heated hallway which allowed copious amounts of air (cold air) into the apartment
  • The single wall heater in the living room could barely heat the apartment

But now that’s all done! Even better is how much access I have to amazing hiking, biking, and road biking! And biking season is upon us!


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