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Adventure Time!

by on 11/30/2014

Big Sur, California, first outing with the new adventure vehicle. Unnecessarily large, neutral emissions, four wheel drive, ample sleeping space, ample cabin space, too small fuel tank, and lots of power.

The downside is the rust from the one east coast winter the truck saw, while not pervasive it is there. I hope that a California life will help stop its advancement.


sprinter-caravan-viano-funI had been dreaming of having an adventure rig for a long time! At first the idea was for a Sprinter RV conversion. I was able to check out a a friends at work, and it’s a great setup with lots of space, and a lot of amenities – showers, kitchen, etc. The sacrifice is the off-road-ability, and snow.




So when the announcement for the 4 wheel drive sprinter was released my ideal shifted to the possibilities of having a vehicle that could handle so much more than just driving to a location, but the ability to wander through the mountains like the good old days.



Death Valley 2011 trip with my 2wd Tacoma, adventure vehicle 1.0. This was a very capable truck, but lacked 4wd, sleeping space, storage space, etc, etc.





When I found myself in Connecticut helping my dad out, I was stranded without a vehicle and my father’s truck was a 7 on the scale of reliable to yard art. I scoured craigslist for weeks for a decent 7.3 liter diesel, but in east coast tradition they were all rotted out. On a whim I went to the local Ford dealership and found a used 2012 diesel F-250!


This is my dream adventure rig! I’ve started the conversion with the addition of a sleeping platform with storage units:


I added insulation for cold weather camping (tested in Nebraska, and Utah in 30 degree weather), this is the best/easiest camping I’ve ever done! The primary storage is in the form of the center drawer that is about 2/3 the length of the bed of the truck, and as wide as well the picture shows. There are other various hatch accessible compartments, and two drawers to the side of the main.

The cap provides ample headroom when sleeping, plenty of space for bikes, or anything really.

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